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When we’re looking for loan opportunities, we are most often faced with the following question: do you go directly to the lender or better to give priority to the third-party person, or your personal credit broker? Which is the best choice in your opinion?

The S-Finance team believes that there are many reasons why choosing a good broker is a better option.

Extensive choices – the attractiveness of a credit broker is that you will be able to professionally evaluate the whole market in one place and most importantly – with professionals.  With the help of S-Finance Credit Broker, you will find out which lenders are better for your situation and you’ll be able to compare rates, terms and conditions, instead of tediously trying to do everything you can to evaluate each lender’s offer.

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*Please note that the calculations above are for informational purposes only. Actual repayment terms and amounts may differ based on a lenders offer.

Time Effectiveness – We believe that evaluating one lender with another can be a time consuming process, but you can skip this step when getting a professional help from a broker. It is much easier to see what your options are if you have a good selection of products and a large amount of information at your disposal. Therefore, our team is ready to advise you at any moment and to help you find the best loan solution for you!

When there are many lenders in the market, you’ll be able to get a successful deal even if your credit history doesn’t look that bright. Make sure you compare every choice before putting your hands down. We’ve helped in cases where people thought that they don’t have a chance to get a loan.

From December 2016 no student loans available

Since January 2017 a new law was launched and unfortunately S-Finance is unable to hand out student loans. In order to get help financing your studies we recommend to visit for more information on current offers. Since the very beginning, we’ve funded more than 510 student tuition fees and 56% have been already paid back. This information was provided to us from our lender partners.

Since S-Finance doesn’t focus on student financing, we’re still providing loans in the following categories:

  • Consumer loans
  • Car loans
  • Mortgage
  • Etc.

2017 is the year when multiple companies have changed their operations because of new market standards and UK regulation.

If you have any questions about our current services and offers, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or get in touch via contact form.