What is SFinance?

Modern Loan Company

Loan company sFinance was established in late 2015 and successfully operates in providing financial services to residents of the United Kingdom. Thanks to a wide range of lending services and attractive offers, sFinance has become one of the customer’s most popular and leading credit companies in the UK in a short time.

Our main advantage is knowledge of finance, marketing and technology. We want our solutions to help clients get the most profitable funding. Also by getting it as easy as possible.

Variety of choices

sFinance available range of loans include the following services: consumer credit, cash loans for foreign workers, car leasing, cash loan for car purchase, and variety of other loans. Our service selection is carefully updated to provide customers with the most appropriate loans.

We care about our customers!

Because of the large variety in the market today, most customers get lost and have doubts when trying to find a trusted company. We’ve eliminated this issue and provide customers with multiple choices based on our previous experience. Companies that we work with are well known in the industry but the best thing is that they are capable to provide you with great deals that cannot be found anywhere else. Because of the volume we provide, we’ve reached the level where our pricing sometimes is better than the loan issuer with whom you end up signing a contract.

sFinance values

  • Customer first
  • Excellent customer service
  • High quality of provided services
  • Innovative and new solutions for providing services
  • Responsibility to yourself and your peers

Why sFinance?

Our advantages:

  • We provide our customers with the highest quality of service and we always offer a solution for any client’s purposes
  • High quality of provided services
  • Our annual interest rates are lower than most of the other lenders, so we are more like a bank lender who specializes in providing affordable and prompt service.
  • The rates we offer are in line with your creditworthiness and capabilities.
  • We offer services to all residents of the UK without exception, because it is important for us to listen to each customer’s desires and needs.

Don’t just take our word for it. Get in touch to find out more. We’ll find a solution if you’re willing to cooperate. There hasn’t been a single solution where our customer went away without finding a new path or solution even in the worst case scenario.