Privacy Policy

Individual data protection

We value our customers and treat their personal information with respect. Personal Data Protection Terms are updated from time to time, so we encourage you to revisit this page from time to time. The data of this page is S-FINANCE (further in text as ‘we’) property and below we’ve listed the information we collect from our customers.

1. Collected information

1.1. The following information will typically be collected:

  • Name surname
  • ID
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Monthly income
  • Monthly loan commitments
  • Number of dependents
  • Any other information you may tell us via telephone or email.

In some cases, we may request additional documentation to confirm your application.

Information during operations on our website can be collected and processed in the following ways:

1.2. Your data is usually collected during your website visit (s) and/or by using our other resources that may be not connected to our website.

1.3. Any forms you complete on our website allow us to collect data, i.e. registration on the website or filling in your application.

1.4. We may collect information if for any reason you are in contact with our company employees.

2. Cookie Policy

On our website we use third party cookies that help is to provide you with better information and serve our clients based on their interests and needs. Please note that we don’t have a full control over some of the materials showed on this website as they are managed by third party companies.

3. Use of information

3.1. You agree that the information provided to us will be recorded electronically and may be used for the following purposes:

  • To verify your identity and evaluate your solvency, using the information you provided to us when applying for a loan.
  • To detect and prevent any fraud, money laundering and other criminal activities.
  • To communicate with you.
  • To recover the money you owe to us.

3.2. Upon receipt of your consent, we may send you information about our products or services that might be of interest to you.

3.3. All data that you have provided to us under the terms of a contractual agreement may be used to enforce our commitment to You.

3.4. In case of any changes or improvements on the website, Your contact information may be used to notify you about such changes.

3.5. We may contact our existing customers regarding products and services related to any previously used services provided by the client on our website.

3.6. We may use data or allow third parties to use information that is not related to goods or services of which you may be interested. We or third parties may only contact you if you have given appropriate consent on the basis of the information provided by us.

4. Personal data storage

4.1. The information we provide will be stored on secure servers. For your security transaction data is encrypted.